Starbucks Needs to Change its Storefront to Match Its New Strategy

NOTE: This is the full text of my article that was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle.

This should be Starbucks new storefront.

Storefront Candy StoreI teach corporate creativity classes, and I am sitting here at Starbucks doing what I teach (and preach) which is observing, listening and thinking.

I am observing a line of 13-year-olds (including my kids) stretching out the door here at Starbucks, and I can hear them slurping down their sugar drinks.

I don’t have the numbers, but it might be that Starbucks is selling more pounds of sugar than pounds of coffee.

Great business strategy — get them while they are young.

Get them while they are young and bend their minds.” — Spencer Dryden, Jefferson Airplane

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