TEDx Highlight: Learn Mind Mapping to Boost Your Creative Problem Solving Skills

Mind mapping is brainstorming on steroids. It is a creativity technique that allows you to solve very difficult problems in business and life.

You use mind mapping to create a diagram (no art skill required) of ideas, and that diagram leads your mind to more and more ideas.

As an example, write a problem at the center of a blank paper, then draw lines radiating out like spokes on a bike wheel.

At the end of each line, you write any ideas (suspend judgement) that come to mind, then you draw spoke lines from each of those ideas, and write more ideas.

Your paper is now covered with ideas, and some of them will solve your problem.

The following video is a 4-minute highlight from TEDx Sedona, and it shows two examples of difficult problems that are solved with mind mapping.

The first example will show you how to write an op-ed that was published in the Los Angles Times.

In the second example you will find four legitimate reasons to sell ice coolers to Eskimos (Inuit) which is the ultimate selling skill.


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