Can You Name the US President with the British Accent?

In other words, which US President would say “Tally-ho, its tea time?”

Scholars say the answer is the first three US Presidents: George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.  These three all had British accents.

Also, add to the list Ben Franklin — yes, he also had a British accent.

In fact, most of the founding fathers probably had British accents because they were British subjects only a few generations removed from living in England.

The British accent extended to much of the population of the United States at that time.

Founding Fathers

The creative process to discover this interesting fact is called “Time Travel.”

Now, imagine yourself back in 1776 with the Founding Fathers, and use your imagination to hear, see, feel and even smell your way into their lives. And, yes the founding fathers did not smell very nice since bathing was not a daily ritual in that time period.

The White House’s first flush toilet was installed in 1853 during the presidency of Millard Fillmore which was 50 years after George Washington was President.

Imagine our country as it was when George Washington was President and our population was only 4 million.  NOTE: That number was close to today’s population of Los Angeles.

Why bother to “time travel” you ask, and the answer is to search for ideas.  You go back in time to find solutions to the problems that you have today.  Picasso said, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.”

According to Picasso, the creative process is not about pulling ideas out of thin air, instead it is about finding ideas from the past, and from other people, places, things, nature, companies, countries and different disciplines.

To borrow other ideas you have to see them, and this means increasing your powers of observation.  Go to Starbucks to Learn the Creative Power of Observation.

As an example, our Founding Fathers did not invent the idea of government by the people, for the people.  They went back 2,500 years and borrowed that idea from the Greeks in Athens.

Declaration of Independence

United States Constitution

They did add to that idea by creating three branches of government, but they also copy-and-pasted over two BIG mistakes (by the Greeks) which were excluding women from voting and allowing slavery.

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